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The Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics
(EIPE) invites students to apply for its GRADUATE
PROGRAMME in philosophy and economics, preferably
before February 1, 2003 (later applications will be
considered on a first come, first serve basis). The
focus of the programme is on interdisciplinary areas
where the Philosophy and Methodology of Economics, on
the one hand, and Institutional Economics, on the
other, meet (with particular attention paid to the
new developments in science studies and to the new
economics of institutions and organizations). 

The programme is strongly international. Its working
language is English.

Ideally, applicants have a Master's degree in
economics or in philosophy, or are close to
completing such a degree. Those with a strong
Bachelor's degree will also be considered.  

The programme is in two parts. The first part
provides a one-year MPhil Degree and it can be done
separately. It consists of a set of foundational
courses on topics that range from the philosophy and
rhetoric of both mainstream and heterodox economics
to the foundations of new institutional and
evolutionary economics. The core courses are
currently given by Mark Blaug, John Groenewegen, Arjo
Klamer, Uskali Maki, Deirdre McCloskey and Jack
Vromen as well as visiting professors (such as, in
2000-2002, by Gregory Dow, Wade Hands, John Davis,
Claude Menard, and John Dupre). 

Overall, EIPE has some 20 Members who participate in
its activities, including teaching, and whose areas
of expertise cover a broad range of fields and
topics, from philosophy of science, social
epistemology, social ontology, and internet ethics to
theories of rationality, transaction cost economics,
organization theory, game theory, and cultural
economics (the current list of members comprises
Gerrit Antonides, Mark Blaug, Igor Douven, Sanjeev
Goyal, John Groenewegen, George Hendrikse, Jeroen van
den Hoven, Maarten Janssen, Arjo Klamer, Barbara
Krug, Theo Kuipers, Deirdre McCloskey, Uskali Maki,
Bart Nooteboom, Paivi Oinas, Laszlo Polos, Ruth
Towse, Jack Vromen, Richard Whitley, Theo van

The MPhil will be useful for those who want to have a
solid introduction to the areas covered; those who
want to upgrade their knowledge close to the
frontline research on these themes; and those who
want to prepare themselves for PhD research at EIPE
or elsewhere.

After the MPhil, students can apply for the second
part of the EIPE Programme, the PhD programme. PhD
theses focus on topics related to the EIPE Research
Programme "Institutions".

EIPE organizes a regular research seminar with
internationally renowned experts presenting papers.
It also runs a PhD seminar to provide a forum for
discussion of the work in progress by its graduate
students. Moreover, it organises international
workshops and conferences on a wide range of topics.

For more information about the institute, the
graduate programme, and application procedures see
our web site: http://www.eur.nl/fw/philecon/ or
contact the secretary of the institute, Loes van Dijk
(vandijk@fwb.eur.nl, +31-10-408 8967).

Please FORWARD this mail to anyone you believe might
be interested. 


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