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[REGROUPEMENT-SPQ:47] call for papers regroupement-spq

The Graduate Journal of Social Science is pleased to
announce its first call for papers .   

Deadline for submission is the 1st of May, 2003.  For
information on submission, check

The GJSS welcomes the submission of articles, book
reviews, comments and feedback by advanced MSc/MA
students, PhD students and recently graduated
postdoctoral students.  

Publications are expected to investigate
methodological issues of interdisciplinary relevance
in social science. Social science methodology is
understood to
encompass all analytic, theoretical, interpretive,
instrumental and physical tools used for the
acquisition of empirical data in research.
Contributors can draw upon quantitative issues (e.g.
the choice of measurement indicators, the production
and use of statistics, the relevance
of quantitative data gathered by the natural
sciences) and qualitative ones (including for
instance the use of narrative and discourse analysis;
meaning, practice and value of objectivity in field
work and interpretation; the role of the social
scientist as subject of the investigation and
bearer/creator of knowledge). Essays will also be
welcomed regarding the interplay between knowledge
production/ interpretation and methodology, the
possibility of maintaining a distinction between
normative and descriptive research and the
(possibility/impossibility of) interaction between
natural and social science methodologies.

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