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> I would be grateful if the following could be
circulated to any students
> might be intersted.
> Thanks.
> Nathan
> Dr. Nathan Widder
> Lecturer in Political Theory
> University of Exeter
> Exeter  EX4 4RJ
> United Kingdom
> Web page: 
> Genealogies of Difference: 
> MA in Critical Global Studies:
> http://www.ex.ac.uk/shipss/school/ma/global.php
> ---------------------------------------
> MA in Critical Global Studies
> The MA in Critical Global Studies is currently
recruiting for its second
> of intake.  This programme gives students the
opportunity to strategically
> analyse how contemporary global changes are
creating new forms of
> and social activity and, consequently, new fields
of study in the social
> sciences and humanities, and how these new fields
are in turn redefining
> nature of the social sciences and humanities as a
whole.  Offered by the
> Politics Department and, more generally, the School
of Historical,
> and Sociological Studies (SHiPSS), this
multidisciplinary programme
provides a
> wide range of options that include modules in
Continental philosophy,
> political theory, new international relations
theory, democratization in
> Middle East, and globalization and global
governance.  Students will be
> able to take advantage of not only the wide range
of expertise of staff
> members in the Politics, Sociology, and History
departments, but also the
> activities of the School s newly established Centre
for Critical Global
> Studies, which will be hosting Prof. William
Connolly of Johns Hopkins
> University and Prof. Jane Bennett of Johns Hopkins
and Goucher College,
> the first term of the 2003/4 academic year.
> The rationale for this programme is that
globalisation and the emerging
> information age economy are effecting changes that
require a paradigm
shift in
> the way we approach our understanding of and
participation in the world.
> These changes bring to the fore issues of power,
meaning, representation,
> identity, pluralism, and knowledge, and call for
both novel theoretical
> innovation and new empirical investigation. A
central aim of this
programme is
> therefore to explore new ways to link together
theoretical research and
> empirical/practical research and work, asking how
practical work and
> can bring about theoretical reflection and,
conversely, how theoretical
> can be used to inform concrete practices. In line
with this concern, the
> programme provides support to place students in
internships in NGO's and
> advocacy groups in Exeter, London, and abroad,
during the summer.  These
> internships are not for credit, but can form the
basis of a student's
> dissertation that will be due at the end of the
summer and will complete
> programme.
> The MA in Critical Global Studies is designed to
give maximum flexibility
> students, allowing them to develop their own path
of study while still
> maintaining strong links to the themes of the
programme. Students will
also be
> able to shape the teaching on the programme
collectively in seminars that
> will organise and run in the latter part of the
academic year. In addition
> the wide range of options offered in SHiPSS, there
are offerings from
> Schools, in particular the School of English, that
focus on critical
> and culture.
> This programme will be of interest to anyone
interested in issues and
> approaches that are at the forefront of cutting
edge work in the social
> sciences and humanities. The MA in Critical Global
Studies offers students
> rich and diverse experience at a university with a
strong reputation both
> inside of academia and out. The Politics Department
of Exeter is highly
> in both its teaching and its research and its
individual staff members are
> only well grounded in their particular areas of
expertise but are also
> comparative and global in their outlook. The
department's postgraduate
> body is large and diverse.  Recent students have
come from various Middle
> countries, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, the U.S., Canada,
Italy, Korea, Japan,
> and Turkey. The Department scored 23 out of 24
points in the recent QAA,
> indicating excellence in teaching, and achieved a
ranking of 5 in the 2001
> Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), indicating
international excellence in
> research.
> For further information and an application form,
please contact:
> Sue Jackson
> SHIPPS Graduate School,
> School of Historical, Political and Sociological
> University of Exeter
> Amory Building
> Rennes Drive
> Exeter  EX4 4RJ
> Telephone:  +44 (0)1392 263 165
> Fax:  +44 (0)1392 263 305
> Email:  SHIPSS-GradSchool@exeter.ac.uk
> Http://www.ex.ac.uk/shipss/school/ma/global.php
> Messages to the list are archived at
> Other philosophical resources on the Web can be
found at

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