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Many librarians and archivists have welcomed Google's announcement that it 
will digitize millions of library books, although some are worried that 
such an venture could lead to the privatization of literary knowledge. 
There is another concern that digital libraries will drive traditional 
libraries and librarians into obsolescence, but most library digitization 
advocates believe traditional libraries will benefit. UCLA librarian Gary 
Strong says libraries and industry are collaborators in the digitization 
effort, but maintaining the usability of information is a priority. Google 
product manager and Google Print project leader Susan Wojcicki believes 
digitized libraries could revolutionize activities such as linking related 
text, but she acknowledges that the Google project depends on 
in-development robot cameras that will be able to convert printed books 
into searchable Web pages with assembly line efficiency. Two copies of the 
digital book will be retained: One for Google and one for the partner 
library, which will be permitted to use the copy as it sees fit, provided 
it does not share the copy with Google's competitors. This process follows 
a model outlined by Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle in which 
parallel private and public databases coexist, although Kahle is concerned 
that libraries will be prevented from working with other organizations or 
companies to distribute digital texts. Some librarians believe the 
definition of fair use will need to be rethought if digitization becomes 
widespread. There is also a feeling that digital libraries will keep 
librarians busy--perhaps too busy, given the problems with cataloguing and 
preserving digital assets, as well as assessing a much larger volume of 

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