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Webliographie intéressante Gadoury, Lynda

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Voici une webliographie fort intéressante sur la communication savante et le "Open Access"



Open Access and Scholarly Communication--A Selection of Key Web Sites
Kwasik, Hannah; Pauline O. Fulda
Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, no. 43 (2005)
The purpose of the webliography is to present an overview of the open access movement through a compilation of key web sites. This synthesis will provide the user with the major components of the movement and a basic background on the topic.
Through a literature review process the authors identified relevant works on the open access movement. Major bibliographic databases for library and information sciences, as well as other appropriate databases and web sites had been searched and reviewed. This guide presents a selected list of sites arranged chronologically in each section. Annotations have been taken directly from web sites. The sites highlight national and international milestones, current status, regulations, and the individuals who have influenced the movement.

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