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Nouveaux titres Goulet, Sylvie

Bonjour à tous,
pour votre information, la bibliothèque des sciences a fait l'acquisition de quatre nouveaux encyclopédies disponibles sur le Web. Ceux-ci sont accessibles à partir de Manitou et de l'item «ouvrages de référence» des ressources électroniques:
Chez Wiley Interscience:
Encyclopedia of environmetrics
The Encyclopedia of Environmetrics covers the development and application of quantitative methods in the environmental sciences. It provides essential tools for understanding, predicting, and controlling the impacts of agents, both man-made and natural, which affect the environment. Basic and applied research in this area covers a broad range of topics. Primary among these are the quantitative sciences, such as statistics, probability and applied mathematics, chemometrics, and econometrics. Applications are also important, for example in, ecology and environmental biology, public health, atmospheric science, geology, engineering, risk management, and regulatory/governmental policy amongst others.
Chez Science Direct:
Encyclopedia of hormones
The Encyclopedia of Hormones is a comprehensive reference work on hormones in vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant systems. It covers all aspects of hormones: their chemical structure and biological synthesis; the major physiological systems in which they operate; the cellular and subcellular site of their action; the nature of the signal transduction mechanisms used in the hormone's action; and the biological consequences of an excess or deficiency of the hormone.
Encyclopedia of forest sciences
The Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences will be an indispensable addition to the library of anyone interested in forests, forestry and forest sciences. Packed with valuable insights from experts all over the world, this remarkable set not only summarizes recent advances in forest science techniques, but also thoroughly covers the basic information vital to comprehensive understanding of the important elements of forestry. The Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences also covers relevant biology and ecology, different types of forestry (e.g. tropical forestry and dryland forestry), scientific names of trees and shrubs, and the applied, economic, and social aspects of forest management.
Encyclopedia of soils in the environment
The Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment is a comprehensive and integrated consideration of a topic of vital importance to human societies in the past, present, and future. This important work encompasses the present knowledge of the world's variegated soils, their origins, properties, classification, and roles in the biosphere. This encyclopedia features thorough articles that survey specific aspects of soil biology, ecology, chemistry and physics. Rounding out the encyclopedia's excellent coverage, contributions cover cross-disciplinary subjects, such as the history of soil utilization for agricultural and engineering purposes and soils in relation to the remediation of pollution and the mitigation of global climate change.
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