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TR: [EBSI-L] Prof Says Computers Must Learn to 'Forget' Perreault, Danielle

Des ordinateurs qui oublient... pour que les humains se souviennent? 

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Tiré de "ACM TechNews; Monday, May 14, 2007":

Escaping the Data Panopticon: Prof Says Computers Must Learn to 'Forget'
Ars Technica (05/09/07) Anderson, Nate

Improvements in technology are turning us into 
digital pack rats, which is not good for society, 
suggests Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, a professor in 
the JFK School of Government at Harvard. In a 
faculty research working paper entitled "Useful 
Void: The Art of Forgetting in the Age of 
Ubiquitous Computing," Mayer-Schonberger says 
fast processors and affordable storage has 
enabled our computers and other gadgets to 
remember everything for us, but a return to an 
era of "forgetfulness" is necessary. These days, 
everything from Google searches, family photos, 
books, credit bureau information, air travel 
reservations, government databases, and archived 
email is stored. Mayer-Schonberger says the 
information can be easily combined to create a 
composite picture of individuals, and ultimately 
discourage people from speaking and acting out of 
fear that the information could be used against 
them. Mayer-Schonberger's solution is to use 
legislation and technology to ensure that all 
computing technology has a default setting to 
forget data after a certain amount of time. But 
he adds that users should also have the option to 
extend the expiration date for as long as they want.

Original comme point de vue, non?

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