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Under the aegis of the research team Zones of Tension (CELAT, UQAM)

The Résolution du conflit et diversité au Canada et au Québec (Conflict Resolution and Diversity in Canada and Québec) round table took place on Friday, 22 May 2009 at McGill University.

This round table was organized by Hourig Attarian (McGill University) and Nellie Hogikyan (CELAT, UQAM) in collaboration with the Armenian Women’s Association of Canada.


This round table explored individual, collective, and generational conflict in the context of Canadian and Québécois diversity. Participants examined different conflictual situations experienced by minority groups within their own ethnic or cultural communities and with their host societies, as well as the contact they have with other communities. Furthermore, emphasis was placed on both literary and psycho-social discourses regarding conflict. Notions of the “particular” and “responsibility” were also highlighted because more and more individuals who immigrate to this country, for example, are forced to deal with internalized conflicts. As a result, they must negotiate inner resolutions within their own personal space – and the countries that continue to inhabit them.


  • Montréal Dialogue Group
  • Simon Harel (CELAT, UQAM) 
  • Kahente Horn-Miller (Humanities, Concordia University) 
  • Jean-Dominique Leccia (Psychiatrist, Québec) 
  • Hélène Piralian (Psychoanalyst, France) 
  • Shirlette Wint (Psychotherapist and Cultural Consultant, Québec)

Under the aegis of the research team Zones of Tension (CELAT, UQAM)

The Transmission of a Traumatic Inheritance round table took place on 7 March 2008 at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

This round table was organized by Nellie Hogikyan (Post-Doctoral Fellow, CELAT, UQAM) in collaboration with Simon Harel (Études littéraires / Literary Studies and CELAT, UQAM)


  • Janine Altounian (AIRCRIGE, France)
  • David Benhaïm (Société psychanalytique de Montréal / Montreal Psychoanalytic Society)
  • Claudie Gagné (Trent University)
  • Arpi Hamalian (Concordia University)
  • Simon Harel (CELAT, UQAM)
  • Nellie Hogikyan (CELAT, UQAM)