23.10.2009 Fragments of the discussion with Will Straw (as a part of the series of lectures-screenings-discussions on Cultural Mobility).

► Topic: evolution of the Place Émilie-Gamelin since the 1960's, architecture and cultural history of Montreal, alternative artistic expression

01-02.05.2009 Interviews with participants in the conference Contested Spaces: Conflict, Counter-Narrative, and Culture from Below in Canadian and Québécois Literatures / Espaces contestés : conflit, contre-récit et la culture d’en bas dans les littératures canadienne et québécoise.
► Topic: culture from below, literature and art by minority groups, poverty and social conflicts reflected in the arts, theatre, and literature.

13.03.2009    Fragments of the discussion with Anita Aloisio following the screening of her French-language documentary film Les enfants de la loi 101 (The Children of Bill 101) (as part of the series of lectures-screenings-discussions on Cultural Mobility)
► Topic: Bill 101 (30 years later), the linguistic politics of present-day Québec, immigration and Québécois identity

12.03.2009    Discussion with Simon Harel and Sherry Simon Espaces et lieux précaires (Precarious Spaces and Places) led by Élisabeth Nardout-Lafarge
► Topic: the city imaginary, social problems and cultural processes in Québec, role of the intellectual within precarious spaces and places, linguistic divisions, passages, self-expression, translation

13.02.2009    Fragments of the discussion with Annie Roy (as part of the series of lectures-screenings-discussions on Cultural Mobility)
► Topic: voice and the homeless, artist, citizen, celebration

12.02.2009    Interview with Pierre Ouellet
► Topic: modernity and postmodernity, arts in the post-historical era, resistance of today’s artists, tensions and zones as subject areas

15.01.2009    Fragments of the discussion with Eric Roach Denis (as part of the series of lectures-screenings-discussions on Cultural Mobility)
► Topic: the homeless, provincial politics and practices concerning homelessness, art and the homeless

01.12.2008    Interview with Roxanne Rimstead
► Topic: culture from below, contemporary capitalism and inequality, feminism, new Marxist approaches, cultural studies

03.11.2008    Interview with Simon Harel
► Topic: conflict and contemporary society, Zones of Tension project, expressions of conflictuality in Québécois literature

31.10.2008    Interview with Sherry Simon
► Topic: evolution of translation in Québec in the last decades; French and English in Québécois society: from conflictuality to the tensions of coexistence 

08.06.2008    Interview with Catherine Leclerc
► Topic: linguistic and cultural interactions in Québécois and Canadian societies; blending of languages: “franglais, Acadian, multilingualism”