The first conference Brazil-Canada will offer the opportunity for researchers and teachers in communication studies to initiate or push forward cooperative projects on the theme of Americanity. Since the beginning of colonization more than five hundred years ago, the development of identities like canadianity, quebecitude, brazilianity, creolization, indianity, negritude, etc. has resulted in a cultural mosaic peculiar to the New World which constitutes the inevitable context of reflexions on citizenship's conditions within so many different nations.


On the other side, technological innovation in the information and communication sector raises up new hopes of openness, conviviality and intercultural exchanges. The conference will give the opportunity to analyze discourses which encourage them, policies which try to guide them and the necessary conditions of their fulfillment. It will also aim at elaborating strategies of cooperation between in the field of higher education with the end purpose of defining programs in communication adapted to the requirements of societies in which information and knowledge play key roles.


How to work out a dynamic pedagogical framework taking advantage of new technological possibilities and train students to become at the same time qualified professionals tuned to the markets' expectations and citizens able to face contemporary societies' challenges ? How to integrate multimedia, videoconference and internet to communication training programs ? And how to take into account and value specificities of every cultural identity on the american continent ?


The presentation of research outcomes and reflexions, the debates they will raise up and the projects they will inspire will be very stimulating to teachers, researchers and professionals in communication from Brazil and Canada. Contributions from colleagues of other countries will also be welcome.


Paper proposals (300 words) should be sent, preferably through email, in Word or RTF formats, before April 30, 2002, to either one of these persons :


Licia Soares de Souza
Nucleo de Estudos Canadenses
Universidade do Estado da Bahia
Estrada das Barreiras, s/n. Cabula
41195-001 Salvador-Bahia
Fax : 71-387-5903
E-mail :

Gaetan Tremblay
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Department des Communications
Case Postale 8888, Succ Centre Ville
H3C 3P8 Montreal, Quebec.
TÚl : (514) 987-3000 #8591
Fax : (514) 987-4164
E-mail :


Acceptation letters will be sent to the authors on April 30, 2002. The full paper (less than 3000 words) is expected by LÝcia or GaŰtan before July 31, 2002.

Special thanks to our partners