New Communication Technologies and Society


The Electronic Journal of Communication

The Stakes of Information and Communication (French)

International Centre for the development of the Internet in French

Les Chroniques de Cybérie (French)

Multimédium: Technology News (French)

Netfemmes: Electronic network for women, by women (French)

The 3rd dimension: A new way of seeing in cyberspace

CLÉS: French information on the cyber-economy

The Net Journal (French)

ISOC: The Internet Society

NetAction (French)

The Center for Democracy and Technology Management

Knowledge Management

Network World Fusion

AIIM International: The Enterprise Content Management Association

Atlas.ti: The Knowledge Workbench

The Knowledge Management Research Center

Knowledge Management World

The Knowledge Management Network

New Technology Uses

Alternative Media

Altermédia: Alternative Press in Québec

Media Resource Centre: A resource base for media activists

Arts & Letters Daily

Corporate Watch

Dollars and Sense Magazine

Institute for Global Communications

Media Channel

Common Dreams News Center

Free 103.9 Newsroom

Free Speech TV on the Web

GlobalCircle NetNews: Mapping the issues on the Internet

Guerilla News Network

The Independent Media Network

Public Interest Reporting on the Public Affairs Industry Alternative Political Newsletter

Approaches to Technology-Society Interactions


History of the French press in the 19th century (French)

History of Computing: Links (French)

History of Communications and the Internet (French0

Communications: Bibliography and links (French)

A History of Motion Pictures by Vito Russo

A History of Photography

Links: Theodor Adorno

Jack Goody: What is spirit? An anthropologist's perspective (French),5987,3328--228226-,00.html

Yahoo! Encyclopedia: Jack Goody (French)

Jacques Dufresne on Lewis Mumford (French)

L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora: Mumford (French)

Lewis Mumford Web Site

Biography: Harold Innis

Articles on Harold Innis

Harold Innis Research Foundation

Links: Harold Innis

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship: Marshall McLuhan Website

L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora: Marshall McLuhan (French)

The Marshall McLuhan Global Research Network

Marshall McLuhan Summary

Links: Marshall McLuhan

Site de web: Marshall McLuhan | Theorists and Critics | Marshall McLuhan


Media and Identity (French)

Medialog: Educational Technology Review (French)

Web-Radio: Online radio listings

rtmark: Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century

PBS Series: The Digital Age

The Yes Men Citizens making a difference More democracy is our best defense Reclaim the Airwaves

The Freeplay Foundation: Making Access to Information and Education a Reality

Paper Tiger Television: Smashing the Myths of the Information Industry

Recension: Patrice Flichy - L'imaginaire d'Internet

Interview: Josiane Jouët

Political Economy of Communications

European Network for Communication and Information Perspectives

Union for Democratic Communications

Vincent Mosco's Home Page

Robert W. McChesney Website

Herbert Schiller: Intellectual scourge of media manipulation and skeptic of the information revolution,3858,3964644,00.html A search engine for politics & policy

The Center for Economic and Policy Research

Swiss Dictionary of Social Politics (French)!&n=a

Economic Policy Institute

Global Policy Forum
Forum global de politique (anglais)

International Association for Media and Communication Research

International Studies Association Internet resources and links

International Communication Association

World Policy Institute

World Trade Organization

International Labour Organization

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

Marxist Political Economy Index

Dossier - Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin (French)

Jeremy Rifkin on the 'genetic ethic' and the cleavage between Europe and the US (French)

Energy: Towards the great schism by Jeremy Rifkin (French)

Nicholas Garnham


Philosophy Resources and Links (French)

ANIMUS: A philosophical journal for our time

Mercure: Philosophy Department at UQAM (French)

French Philosophy from the 1950’s (French)

Philosophical Dictionary – Names and Terms

Walter Benjamin Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin, the exile (French)

Dialectiques: A site dedicated to the Frankfurt School (French)

L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora: Walter Benjamin (French)

The Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate

Dialectiques: Jurgen Habermas (French)

L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora: Jurgen Habermas (French)

Links: Jurgen Habermas

Links: Jurgen Habermas


The Media and Communications Studies Site

EMEREC: A site dedicated to communication technologies (French)

Medialogue: Non-profit organization for media education (French)

Organizational Communications Review (French)

Transit: Pertinent links in communications

Cybersociology Magazine

Articles on Technology and Communication

Principles of Media Criticism The Media Theory Site

Entretien avec Manuel Castells

Manuel Castells :La gourou de la nouvlle économie

Bibliographie: Manuel Castells - Manuel Castells: Gourou du Net
Dossier/castells/dossier.asp?nom=socioweb Castells - Du carburant pour penser internet

Manuel Castells at Berkeley (anglais)

Manuel Castells on the Network Society (anglais)



ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards Institute


Government Technology

PIRP: Program on Information Resources Policy

International Technology Research Institute

Association for Local Telecommunication Services

Benton Foundation


Le Monde: Interactive (French),5987,3416---,00.html

Ecole nationale supérieure des telecommunications (French)

New Technology Laboratory (French)

FEDIA: Forum for the study and development of alternative infrastructures (French)

CRIC: Centre de Recherche en Information et Communication (French)

European Union Telecommunication Policy

Postes et télécommunications Suisse (French)

LSI Report (French)

Internet Service Providers Association (French)

Information Society – The Second Step (French)

Electronic Commerce: New Rukles make a worldwide debate (French)

Telecommunications in France (French)

Sénat – Confewrence on the Information Society

The Internet and Democratic Society (French)


Telecommunications watch (French)

Francophonie (French)

Eptic On Line (French)

The International Telecommunication Union

Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization

UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society


Direction informatique: Online Journal of Information Technology (French)

CEFRIO (French)

Canadian Telecommunications Act

Canada's SchoolNet

CANARIE: Canada’s Advanced Internet Development Organization

Canadian Information Highway Advisory Council

Electronic Commerce in Canada


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