Cognitio 2007

Call for Papers

UQAM Institute of Cognitive Science

Abstract Deadline: March 18, 2007

This conference, which uses Open Conference Systems developed by the Public Knowledge Project, enables participants to submit abstracts online at

Presentations can include:

• Single papers (abstract max of 600 words)

Call for Papers Announcement

Evaluation is now completed and applicants have received an answer.

The number and overall quality of the abstracts received was great. Many thanks to the members of our scientific committee, who did a great job while having some though choices to make:

Mike Anderson, Guillaume Chicoisne, Henri Cohen, Jean-Frédérick DePasquale, Jérôme Dokic, Benoit Dubreuil, Chris Eliasmith, Luc Faucher, Tracy Finn, Dominic Forest, Claudine Gauthier, Benoit Hardy-Vallée, Steven Harnad, Jude Leclerc, Claire Levebvre, Daniel Memmi, Jean-Guy Meunier, Lucie Ménard, Nicolas Payette, Sophie Piron, Pierre Poirier, Hélène Poissant, Gaëlle Raboyeau, Serge Robert, Jean Robillard, Mark Tovey, Daniel Valois, Olivier Wathelet and Katerina Zourou.