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Lists used on Lextutor

1000_families.txt 39k

1000_heads.txt 9k

2000_families.txt 36k

2000_heads.txt 7k

awl_heads.txt 5k

awl_families.txt 37k

awl_families_sublists.doc 37k


Lists used on Lextutor (families)

basewrd1_f.txt 121k

basewrd2_f.txt 185k

basewrd3_f.txt 83k

Franšais fondamental
FF1.txt 9k

FF2.txt 15k

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Brown Corpus list 525k
Text file - save, open in Excel
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Ogden's 'Basic Engish'
"90% of the dictionary's concepts can be expressed in 850 words...

BNC lists
Lists based on Brit Nat Corpus from U. Lancaster

David Lee's site for
Links to many more lists..>

Formatting of GSL (1000 and 2000) lists thanks to Rob Waring, French lists thanks to Thierry Selva, Glyn Jones & Robin Goodfellow.