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MHHH Stitch & Bitch quilting projects
Update Oct 11 2007

Just ONE quilt missing! Got the picture (B-Job or P-Bear)? Send to cobb.tom@uqam.ca

17.JiffyLube & SlitDigger 2007Typical Canadian themes... JiffylubeQ
18.Beaver gets married! 2007  MonicaQ
17.Baby quilt for Chilli Bones and Dead Dick 2006Pattern: Mexican Star. Patchwork, hand quilted ChilliQ
16.Cushions for Red Dress auction 2006Pattern: "Green Pastures." Patchwork, hand quilted RDRQ
15.Hanging for Red Dress auction 2006Pattern: Ohio Star variation. Patchwork, hand quilted RDRQ
14.Hanging for Red Dress auction 2006Pattern: "Sunny Valleys." Patchwork, hand quilted RDRQ
13.Crib Bumpers for Passes Wind and Organ Grinder 2005Pattern: Appliqué GruffyQ
12.Wedding cushions for Rouse-His-Point and 10% Off 2005Pattern: Patchwork and Appliqué, hand quilted AlanaQ
11.Farewell hanging for Mudsticker 2005Pattern: Maple Leaf. Patchwork, hand quilted MudstickerQ
10.Wedding quilt for Flipper and Foreskin So Soft 2005Pattern: Ohio Star. Patchwork, hand quilted FlipperQ
9.Baby quilt for Witchy and Penguin 2005Alphabet theme. Appliqué and embroidery, hand quilted WitchyQ
8.Housewarming hanging for Turkish and Mustapha 2005Pattern: Sampler. Patchwork with country house appliqué. Hand quilted MustaphaQ
7.Baby quilt for Eat Me and Old Cheddar 2005Pattern: Pyramids. Patchwork, hand quilted AdlaQ
6.Wedding quilt for Numbskull and Pinky Puss 2004Pattern: Posies in the Park. Patchwork, hand quilted PinkypussQ
5.Farewell hanging for Speed Hump 2004Pattern: Ohio Star. Patchwork plus moose appliqué, hand quilted SpeedhumpQ
4.Wedding quilt for Double Fisted and Plastic Jesus 2003?Pattern: Cookie cutter. Personalized appliqué motifs, hand quilted AnnaQ
3.Baby quilt for Poo Bare and Blow Job 2002?Bear theme. Appliqué and embroidery, knotted. ...
2.Baby quilt for Lindsay 2001Animal theme. Appliqué and embroidery, machine quilted Lindsay
1.Fundraiser for 5th? Red Dress Run 2000?Hash theme. Appliqué and embroidery, machine quilted FundraiserQ